American Logistics Achieves HITRUST r2 Certification

American Logistics Achieves HITRUST r2 Certification

St. George, Utah., June 1, 2022 – American Logistics LLC., a national leader of providing high-quality transporation management for the healthcare industry, today announced their Common Security Framework (CSF) certification with HITRUST – the pinnacle of compliance for organizations that manage Protected Health Information. HITRUST is a non-profit organization formed specifically to create and maintain the CSF, which addresses security, privacy, and regulatory challenges facing organizations today. HITRUST facilitates a comprehensive framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls, including federal and state regulations, standards, and contexts and incorporates a risk-based approach to their rigorous certification process.

Data breaches are increasing across industries at an exponential rate, and the growth of technology in the health industry relies on both security and compliance. HITRUST is the most widely applied security framework in the United States. Certification with HITRUST is laborious and intense, and the American Logistics’ Information Security Team, led by Tim Vockrodt, articulates why it’s worth the effort and why this industry-leading certification is vital, explaining, “The HITRUST certification provides clients the ultimate confidence to know we are protecting their data to the highest industry standards. We’ve institutionalized protection of member data to ensure that both clients’ and our own internal environments are safe.”

HITRUST’s assessment is similar to ISO 27001/27001: consisting of 14 control categories that contain 46 control objectives, and the categories map to 149 system controls. Within each of the 149 controls, there are up to 3 implementation levels that must be met for each risk factor (such as regulations and management). In total, there are 845 requirements that every company creating software for the healthcare/pharma industry must follow.

What does this mean for American Logistics’ customers and the healthplan members they serve? It means they have assurance that the company has comprehensively safeguarded their data and mitigated data security risks – and that the systems in place to secure data have been validated by an objective, robust level of scrutiny. To put it simply, HITRUST assessment offers the most stringent, specific, and greatest reassurance that your data with American Logistics will be protected.

The comprehensive process took almost two years to complete, and Vockrodt credits the entire American Logistics (AL) team for their dedication and effort in achieving successful r2 certifcation – the highest level possible. Developed by an advisory council led by members from the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and other privacy and security leaders, HITRUST CSF is currently in its ninth release.

Industry experts rely on HITRUST because its certification process evolves according to the industry’s changing conditions and regulatory requirements. And new releases each year mean that maintaining certification is a top priority for American Logistics. In fact, Vockrodt and his team have already taken next steps to ensuring and sustaining the privacy and security of patient data.

“As faithful stewards of data, we are making constant improvements, evolving with security needs, to ensure renewed certification beginning in year 2023, knowing that HITRUST will ask the right questions for continuous improvement.”


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