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Driving a successful transportation benefit takes a combination of partners, technology, people and legacy knowledge. We deliver a first-class experience with real-time reporting for visibility.

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These technology hubs powered with expert trained staff are something to see! Our operation centers are located nationwide delivering a backbone of facilitation while monitoring activity 24/7. Think command center for all your mobility activity.

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The American Logistics Safety Society is built around every aspect of our business. From HIPAA compliance of data, vetting our professional networks, or how we implement workflows and efficiencies, our safety stamp is a top priority.

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Seamless integration to our vast provider network, real-time geo-fencing enabling pick-up punctuality and ensuring accountability are just a few key features that our proprietary applications can do for your organization when partnering with us.

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Over 4 million rideshare trips dispatched through the American Logistics’ tech platform.

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20+ Years of Mastering Mobility

American Logistics can seamlessly manage your non-emergency transportation benefit leveraging our proprietary technology platform, network of operation centers and quality provider networks. Our number one objective is to provide a great experience for your staff and members alike. Contact us today to learn more about how American Logistics can partner with your organization.

Managing Transportation for Healthcare and Government Agencies

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Management for Healthcare

A business relationship with American Logistics means that healthcare organizations can focus on what they do best – providing healthcare services – without the hassle of having to manage transportation benefits. Unlike the traditional brokerage model, American Logistics dispatches trips directly to the driver. As a result, we can offer health plans a tremendous value proposition that is hard to ignore – a transportation/case management solution that lowers the overall cost of care, provides exceptional performance and allows for real-time reporting that begins at the member’s door-step. With American Logistics you have a transportation management company that shares your vision for improving the overall health and wellness of your members, which ultimately leads to happier, healthier members.

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American Logistics’ Coordinated Transportation Model™ for Government Agencies

Our coordinated transportation model leverages a unified fleet of dedicated and non-dedicated vehicles, combined under one standard management and technology layer – delivers optimum productivity and efficiency for paratransit agencies. In achieving all this, while reducing costs and improving service, American Logistics is setting a new standard for paratransit transportation.

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With American Logistics, healthcare organizations can focus on what they do best, providing healthcare services.

American Logistics’ Turnkey Transportation Program offers a cost-effective solution designed to help you off-load the time and resource commitments of administrating your current member transportation benefits, or add transportation benefits, without incurring additional costs, and in most cases, reducing your existing costs.

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Customer service is a top priority for American Logistics’ employees and associates. The company’s Customer Service Center (CSC) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And in an industry where on-hold times are measured in minutes, American Logistics averages less than 11 seconds per call.

To meet the unique needs of healthcare programs across the United States, American Logistics’ reservations staff is multi-lingual and specifically trained in the administration of health plan Transportation Benefits. The American Logistics reservations process can be easily customized to meet a healthcare program’s requirements. For example, member calls can be directed to operators who are dedicated to answering calls and gathering data on behalf of your specific healthcare organization.

American Logistics’ reservation specialists confirm member eligibility and monitor the number of trips taken by the member to ensure program benefits are not exceeded. With more than 100 agents available at any given time, as well as online reservation capabilities, American Logistics not only improves the quality of service, but also makes it easier for your members to utilize their transportation benefits.

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American Logistics’ passenger-centric dispatch technology was developed with the end-goal of delivering quality, safe, reliable and on-time transportation services.

To accomplish this, American Logistics’ dispatch specialists first determine the requirements of the member, then they assign the correct vehicle, equipment and driver to meet the member’s unique transportation needs.

American Logistics’ dispatch technology establishes the most optimal route and then performs systematic, real-time route optimization to adjust to road closures, weather and traffic conditions; and any other unpredictable events. We can react quickly and can handle same-day service, providing the right vehicle at the right time at the right place.

Our proprietary route optimization and GPS-based dispatching technology, used in conjunction with the vehicle’s mobile data terminal, supports minute-by-minute agility, pin-point accuracy and ultimate responsiveness in routing, dispatching, tracking and compliant reporting.

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American Logistics’ turnkey model offers the flexibility to transport any qualifying member requiring nonemergency medical transportation, whether they require ambulatory, wheelchair, or gurney service. American Logistics accomplishes this by “right sizing the vehicle.” Partnering with certified local for-hire transportation service providers, American Logistics ensures that the appropriate vehicle is available to meet the needs of the organization and its members, whether it is a sedan, wheelchair accessible van, litter van or ambulance.

We are not a broker. The difference is that when incorporating non-dedicated vehicles, we maintain direct relationships with local, for-hire transportation service providers and offer real-time dispatch to meet the immediate needs of your customers.

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When high-quality, reliable transportation is provided by a healthcare organization, the overall cost of healthcare can be reduced because members are able to better access the healthcare services that keep them well, including regular visits to their physician for check-ups, vaccines and other preventive care. It’s a win-win solution for healthcare organizations and their members.

“…a strong case can be made that improved access to NEMT for transportation-disadvantaged persons is cost-effective in terms of better healthcare. In some cases, this cost-effectiveness translates directly into decreases in healthcare costs that exceed the added transportation costs.”


TCRP Document 29 (Project B-27): Cost-benefit analysis of providing non-emergency medical transportation
Prepared for Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

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