Provider FAQs

Below are some questions that are frequently asked by transportation providers who are contemplating entering into a business relationship with American Logistics, as well as frequently asked questions by transportation providers currently contracted with American Logistics. Please review these questions and the responses carefully and make sure to keep them in mind when you are deciding if a business relationship with American Logistics is right for you.

What does American Logistics do?

American Logistics manages and coordinates transportation benefits for our clients by identifying and contracting with transportation providers

American Logistics is a national transportation coordination company. American Logistics has established relationships with health care facilities, insurance companies, and public transit agencies throughout the United States. American Logistics has agreed to manage and coordinate its clients’ transportation benefit which includes contracting with transportation providers, such as you. American Logistics does not provide transportation, does not provide vehicles, and American Logistics does not engage any drivers.

What is my relationship with American Logistics?

All transportation providers companies who (contract) work with American Logistics have entered into a business agreement.

As a transportation provider, you are not an employee of American Logistics. If you own a transportation business, then you may be eligible to enter into a service provider agreement with American Logistics wherein you are eligible to provide transportation service as a subcontractor to American Logistics. As a contracted service provider you will be required to utilize only employee drivers and to comply with all applicable labor laws.

How much business can I expect to receive through American Logistics:

American Logistics does not have control over the volume of trips available, and many factors can influence how many of the available trips are available to you.

It is impossible to predict the volume of business that will be available through American Logistics’ at any given time. Therefore, it is important for you to understand and consider American Logistics as a supplemental source of potential business income. American Logistics does not guarantee that you will receive any business at all. You should not assume that American Logistics will be your sole business or income source.

How am I compensated for the services I provide for American Logistics’ clients?

Each time a trip is offered to your business, it will show you the value of that trip.

When you receive a service offer through American Logistics you will know the monetary value for that trip. As a service to you, American Logistics collects fees for trips from its clients and then distributes payments. A daily summary reflecting all of the trips you have serviced the day prior is made available through the American Logistics web site. A weekly summary reflecting all of the trips you serviced the week prior is also made available on the American Logistics web site.

How much can I earn servicing trips through American Logistics?

The amount you earn will vary greatly depending on various factors.

This can vary greatly. As indicated above it is impossible to predict the volume of business opportunities that may be available to you through American Logistics. Additionally, American Logistics contracts with numerous and diverse clients, each with unique and specific pricing agreements. Each trip offered to you will state the pickup city of the trip, mileage of the trip, the type of vehicle required to service the trip (wheelchair, ambulatory or gurney) and the payment amount for successful completion of the trip. When a trip is offered to you, it is entirely up to you

Do I need to invoice American Logistics’ client to get paid?

No. As a service to you, American Logistics collects fees for trips from its clients and then distributes payments.

How can I learn more about entering into a business relationship with American Logistics?

Start with filling out this form.

Basic requirements:

  • Auto Commercial Insurance (Please indicate amount in the form)
  • General Liability Insurance (Please indicate amount in the form)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Companies with their own employee drivers
What commercial auto liability insurance limits will I need to obtain and maintain to operate my business?

You will need 500,000 combined single limit.

American Logistics’ insurance carrier requires all transportation providers contracting with American Logistics to maintain a minimum of $500,000 CSL, by a company with a rating of B or better and no livery exclusion. There are other clients with contracts that may require additional insurance which you would need if you want to be eligible to receive service offers for those clients.

What symbols are accepted for my commercial auto liability insurance?

The insurance policy must specify either “Any Auto” or “Owned Auto”, “Hired Auto Only” and “Non-owned Autos Only”. American Logistics will not accept Scheduled Autos policies from contracted providers.

What do I do if I am in an accident/incident while transporting a constituent of an American Logistics client?

Ensure that everybody is OK, call 911 or the police, and inform American Logistics as soon as possible.

First, please check on the condition of everybody in your vehicle and then call 911 or the police as necessary. Call dispatch to report the accident/incident so that we may notify our client and review any specific accident procedures at that time.