Our Transformative ADA Alternative Transit Program

Looking for a way to improve ADA transportation options in your community? There is no better opportunity than American Logistics We offer a 5-star transportation network and technology platform that coordinates and provides paratransit to those eligible under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). American Logistics assures high quality and reliable transportation services at lower costs. 

There are many factors that make American Logistics’ non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) one of a kind. American Logistics offers 24/7 dispatch centers to determine the needs of the rider and then coordinate the correct vehicle to meet those needs. Our certified transportation providers are committed to providing safe rides on time. This is achieved through our high-tech dispatching abilities, which allow for better accuracy and responsiveness.

Our customer experience assists customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. By covering all modes of transportation, we provide flexibility for riders and eliminate stress, while increasing overall ride satisfaction. American Logistics also allows members to make immediate reservations, unlike other typical ADA transportation that require booking in advance. This means you can easily book a ride with the services that you need instantly. Our main goal is to provide a smooth experience for you and your members!

American Logistics’ technology platform is what makes all this possible, as our team works to constantly improve efficiency across the board. Agencies and riders can utilize our web portal and mobile application to monitor live trips and book future rides. Our technology provides a few key features that can benefit your organization when partnering with us. We can help transit agencies, municipalities, and organizations better manage budget costs, by providing reports that are customizable and easy to understand depending on your organization’s priorities. 

Reducing costs while still providing a high-quality transportation service such as ADA Alternative, Senior Mobility or Rider Choice can be difficult. We administer an exceptional solution for a specialized transportation program at an affordable cost. American Logistics’ technology and efficiency can help remove challenges and provide the services that you are seeking. Transferring 20-30% of your rides over to American Logistics can save your organization 25-50% per trip, allowing you to get the most of your ADA budget.