Best Healthcare Transportation Broker: What Makes Us Different

When beginning to explore adding a transportation benefit, healthcare organizations can easily become overwhelmed by the broker options. With brand values build around transparency, teamwork, and putting people first, American Logistics stands apart from the crowd. But let’s back up and start with the basics- what is a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker? We manage the request process from members and match them with transportation service providers. In some cases, the broker may directly employee drivers, while other transportation management companies build a network of partnerships.  

What makes American Logistics different? We provide best-in-class service, high-tech dispatch capabilities, and maintain direct relationships with local, for-hire providers. Our field operations team works extensively around the country to build and maintain positive relationships with transportation service providers. Forming a business relationship with American Logistics gives healthcare plans and facilities the confidence that their patients will show up for appointments on time, without the stress of having to handle transportation benefits.

Through our proprietary technology, American Logistics dispatches trips directly to drivers within our 5-star network, which lowers the overall cost of care for providers and allows for real-time reporting that begins at every member’s doorstep. In addition to our network of local transportation service providers, American Logistics has dispatched over two million rides to rideshare platforms through our tech platform. This integration does not require a smartphone or app, which is beneficial for members without easy access to technology. Our unparalleled API into these platforms is designed to smooth out any friction between the ridesharing model and the intricacies of healthcare transportation.

Our GPS trip tracking guarantees accountability and plays a large role in both reporting and mitigating fraud, waste, and abuse. American Logistics can help organizations better schedule and budget their transportation benefit through daily, weekly, or monthly reporting. Healthcare providers can choose between utilizing our 24/7 dispatch centers for ride requests and customer service or their own case managers. American Logistics’ reservations specialists verify member eligibility and audit the number of trips taken by the member, in order to ensure program benefits are not exceeded. With more than 100 agents available at any given time, American Logistics not only improves the quality of service but also makes it easier for your members to enjoy their transportation benefits.

When partnering with American Logistics, you gain a transportation management company that shares your vision for improving the overall health and wellness of your members. Our team goes beyond the requirements of a traditional broker to provide unparalleled customer service for healthcare organizations and their members.  To learn more about our differentiators and see how American Logistics can maximize value for your plan, start a conversation with our team through the button below.