American Logistics is a national leader in the coordination and management of transportation benefits. Our innovative technologies and capabilities have made us the market leader for more than two decades, with many happy customers who can attest to our ability to execute an exceptional experience.

We leverage a variety of technologies and work with a broad range of contracted, high-quality transportation providers who deliver services that meet the highest standards and requirements of health plans. These providers include large rideshare companies such as UBER, an array of large local transportation provider companies, and even smaller specialized organizations that provide focused transportation services to meet the needs of specific populations.

American Logistics has been providing a full range of services to health plans for more than 20 years for various sectors including education, ADA Mobility and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation management. Our company’s roots began in 1999 as a way of specifically leveraging this experience to provide exactly the type of transportation solutions so clearly needed in the healthcare and public transit industries.

With our many years of experience, American Logistics has developed a thorough understanding and awareness of the needs of individual members in all of the many different populations we have been privileged to serve

Everyone here at American Logistics has an important role, but our ability to work collaboratively and cross-functionally is where our power is. Our success as a business comes by focusing on our areas of expertise and working together, without entitlement

Darren Harline

VP, Account Management, American Logistics