Get the Most from your ADA Budget

About American Logistics

For the last 20 years, American Logistics has been providing on-demand and paratransit services by working with transit agencies to provide non-emergency medical transportation for eligible individuals to and from health care facilities and schools along with other institutional facilities.

We currently operate in 18 states to three different market segments and deliver approximately 20,000 trips/weekday.

Our Approach

The American Logistics’ approach is what separates us from the competition. Our Nationwide Customer Service Center is available 24/7. Our network of transportation providers includes rideshare, taxicab, and NEMT providers, which includes WAV providers.

And our sophisticated technology platform supports all operational and administrative aspects of service delivery. We pride ourselves on total transparency in order to promote both accountability and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge Facing Transit

The U.S. population is aging, and all transit customers, including those with disabilities, are seeking better options for transportation in order to support their busy lives. It’s not only about getting to doctor’s appointments or the store. Customers want to be able to go to work, school, visit family, participate in their communities, churches, and synagogues, as well as be a part of everyday activities that most people take for granted.

As a result, the demand for highly flexible and accessible transit and paratransit services is increasing, as are the costs for these transit services. Unfortunately, transit agencies’ budgets aren’t growing nearly as quickly as the demand for these services is and there is a lack of both staff and vehicles to properly support the rising service needs.

The American Logistics Approach

The American Logistics transportation approach allows customers to access any available provider at any time of day, by phone or online with our accessible, intuitive mobile app. We ensure safe, timely, and equitable service for all riders, regardless of whether they’re able to use TNC/rideshare, taxi providers, or require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

American Logistics’ technology and transportation solutions create equity for all customers, which include individuals who use mobile devices, or those without access to a smartphone, debit, or credit card. With our state-of-the-art technology platform, we’re able to support virtually all types of service designs and business rules, including daily and monthly service limits, geographically defined service areas, specified hours of operation, and virtually any imaginable approach to customer and agency cost-sharing.

Feel at ease knowing our technology-driven, fully redundant, national customer service center supports 24/7/365 operations and that a local team is dedicated to the recruitment and on-street support of safe, high-quality transportation services delivered by TNC/rideshare, taxicab, and wheelchair-accessible vehicle providers.

American Logistics has the available tools to create transparency for customers and transit agencies in order to better monitor and manage service in real-time, along with comprehensive program data for all services (including trips provided by TNC/rideshare companies) that empowers transit agencies to collect the data they need in order to monitor their budget, manage the service, and report the data to funders and the public.

Where Does American Logistics Fit?

American Logistics manages ADA paratransit by controlling the 24/7/365 call center and overseeing transportation providers. We can optimize our service for primary dedicated vehicle providers and support them with supplemental providers. 

We also provide an alternative non-ADA service that offers transportation at a lower cost, uses attractive business rules to shift demand away from ADA paratransit and augments ADA paratransit for customers who need additional service.