American Logistics Celebrates 25th Year in Business While Charting Record Growth in Non-emergency Medical Transportation

American Logistics Celebrates 25th Year in Business While Charting Record Growth in Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Leading amid industry transformation, American Logistics manages the provision of critical health care transportation services for tens of thousands of people per day in the U.S.

ST. George, UT , March 01, 2024 – While maneuvering through a flurry of expansion plans, research and development initiatives and external factors evolving the health care industry, American Logistics, a technology-forward health care transportation management company trusted by some of the biggest health plans in the nation, rolled 25 years on its own odometer, while noting a record growth rate going in to 2024, the largest increase in company history.

American Logistics currently serves and manages the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) needs of millions of patients across the U.S. Considered one the nation’s premier and leading providers/brokers of NEMT logistics, it manages, coordinates, and facilitates the provision of transportation for some of the largest health plans in the country, while boasting an industry-leading 99.8 percent grievance-free rate for all patient trips last year.

“Without transportation, you don’t have access to health services; yet not many outside of the industry recognize the crucial role non-emergency medical transportation plays in reducing hospitalization, and ensuring equitable and timely access to health services, especially for those in the safety net,” said Darren Harline, Chief Operations Officer for American Logistics. “Our entire team lives and breathes solving problems, and we recognize the consequential role we play in every single trip we facilitate, as each one is unique.”

Harline attributes the company’s record growth to an expanded footprint of complex patients needing medical transportation, such as those receiving health benefits from Medicaid or Medicare Advantage Plans, and to the fact that pent-up demand from the pandemic have fueled more visits to doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics.

The company serves patients in hundreds of unique health plans throughout the country by managing their transportation needs. A substantial segment of its contracts is with Medicaid health plans, which have expanded in the number of people they cover in recent years. By law, Medicaid health plans in all states have provisions requiring coverage for transportation to and from medical services, especially the elderly, those with disabilities and people without access to transportation. Notably, a large percent of its other health plan contracts is with Medicare Advantage plans, as such plans often include transportation services as part of benefits offerings, and plans find value in American Logistics’ premier level of customer service.

The company was also the first to strategically align with ridesharing companies, adding a fleet of on-demand options to its blend of multi-tiered transportation resources. Extensive member research programs implemented into its proprietary technology platforms deliver a member-first approach to services. With more than 25 years of expertise in managing the evolving landscape of NEMT, strategic foresight has enabled American Logistics to effectively and efficiently coordinate appointments, calls, and schedules of thousands of patients and drivers per day.

“For many people we serve, getting to their doctor’s appointment is literally a matter of life and death, and the anxiety they experience is understandably magnified when they don’t have a car, are incapable of driving, or they live in rural areas where there are little to no public transportation systems to help them,” Harline added. “We’re exceedingly aware of the high stakes, and take our responsibility seriously as the first and last part of their patient journey for the day.”


About American Logistics

Founded in 1999, headquartered in St. George, UT., American Logistics is an industry leading technology-enabled services company known for delivering high quality transportation management for healthcare payors and systems nationwide. The company is committed to innovative coordination for Medicaid and Medicare populations that lack access to health care services for healthier living through its’ proprietary technology, remarkable people, and quality transportation provider network in markets across the United States. To learn more about the American Logistics pledge to add equitable transportation options and improve health outcomes for your valued patient populations, visit