Healthcare Transportation Services

Transportation benefit management that delivers a great experience and removes mobility as a barrier to care

With over 20 years of transportation management experience in healthcare, schools and transit verticals, we can ensure your organization will get best-in-class management and coordination service. Our team and technology will pair you with the right modes suited and provide the reporting and back-end management you need for a successful coordination program. Our safe, reliable network of transportation providers, technology platform and 24/7 Operation Centers promote management of transportation benefits with resulting quality, on-time performance, which in turn leads to a reduction in costs for you, a higher satisfaction index for your members, and the ability to mitigate overall Fraud Waste & Abuse.

American Logistics clients frequently share their frustration with suboptimal experiences in working with multiple traditional transportation brokers. After working with us, they can vouch for our primary differentiator being the quality experience we provide through our coordination and management of transportation benefits to both the members and the staff members we work with. The quality we offer starts with the reservation experience and carries all the way through to the completion of the trip. Clients also commend us on how we react to common challenges that arise every day due to uncontrollable (or unforeseen) transportation issues, and value our experienced, capable problem-solving abilities.

My goal is to constantly build a genuine culture to do the right thing, stay humble, be forthright and honest in every interaction. Our tribe is our pride and is reflected in the work we deliver.

Craig Puckett

CEO, American Logistics

American Logistics is not a transportation broker and does not follow the traditional brokerage model. Unlike the traditional brokerage model, we contract with and offer trips directly to vetted subcontracted transportation companies who deliver the transportation component of a client’s benefit.. This direct model includes Transportation Network Company/rideshare through our American Logistics/Rideshare System Integration. As a result, we can offer our clients a tremendous value proposition – a transportation coordination and case management solution that lowers the overall cost of care, provides exceptional performance, and delivers real-time reporting and visibility from the moment a vehicle is confirmed, to the trip, through the drop-off of the member at their destination.