American Logistics has been providing a full range of services to health plans for more than 20 years for various sectors including education, ADA Mobility and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation management. Our company’s roots began in 1999 as a way of specifically leveraging this experience to provide exactly the type of transportation solutions so clearly needed in the healthcare and public transit industries.

Previously affiliated with American Logistics was our sister company, ALC Schools. With ALC Schools we served more than 300 K-12 school districts in 18 states, assisting them with their most vulnerable students. ALC Schools is recognized as a national leader in managing alternative student transportation for populations including McKinney-Vento (homeless assistance) and special needs students.

With our many years of experience, American Logistics has developed a thorough understanding and awareness of the needs of individual members in all of the many different populations we have been privileged to serve.

How is American Logistics Different?

American Logistics clients frequently share their frustration with suboptimal experiences in working with multiple transportation brokers. After working with us, they can vouch for our primary differentiator being the quality experience we provide to both the members and the staff members we work with. The quality we offer starts with the reservation experience and carries all the way through to the completion of the trip. Clients often commend us on how we react to common challenges that arise every day due to uncontrollable (or unforeseen) transportation issues, and value our experienced, capable problem solving abilities.

Our legacy founders have years of experience managing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) stemming from their time as a direct transportation provider. As the needs of our customers also grew over time, we innovated across our custom developed technology, and our supporting business processes. As the need for additional transportation capacity grew, we coordinated with additional independent transportation providers that could help us continue providing this same level of quality, care and attention.

Doing Hybrid Right

With over 20 years of experience, we believe that American Logistics has implemented the right balance of caring humans and digital efficiency for the clients we serve. We call this our Hybrid Approach. On a software perspective, Customer Experience (CX) is often evaluated through interaction and the value it provides its users. Although this digital efficiency is great for some, it may not be suitable for all of the demographic we serve. With this in mind, it’s important that we’re able to give options for these populations. Having a Hybrid model of caring humans to support the needs and requests along with powerful technology (member facing and internal) is an essential combination for our customer centric organization.

At American Logistics, our brand values revolve around delivering the highest quality member experience possible. We know that keeping so many of our plan members happier and healthier really does start with the coordination of transportation benefits that our customers entrust to us. As we continue to bring great new technology to the market, please understand that many members belong to special needs plans and every interaction is what differentiates us and makes us who we are.

Transportation providers and their drivers interact with health plan members each day, and largely determine members’ impression of the health plan regarding transportation. We work with our contracted transportation providers on a regular basis to understand their needs, and to help communicate and facilitate meeting client expectations. Inviting local transportation providers to sign up to a transportation technology solution may appear to provide a large network of those transportation providers; however, without a holistic, experience-based approach to coordinating transportation providers, a sub-standard member experience is all but guaranteed. Multiple decades and tens of millions of trips successfully coordinated has provided American Logistics with perspective and experience in solving various problems that many brokers and technology solutions have yet to even come across.