RideCafe FAQs

What is the AL RideCafe provider portal?

The RideCafe Provider Portal is a web portal where you can view and manage all the information your business shares with American Logistics.

What can I see and manage on the RideCafe provider portal?

You can:

  1. update information about your company – like a new phone number or mailing address.
  2. update information about existing drivers, or vehicles or enter new drivers or vehicles.
  3. also securely upload related documents, like proof of insurance, vehicle registration, permits, etc.
How do I edit information about my company?
  1. Click the “EDIT” button in the company info section at the top of the page.
  2. Enter new or updated information into any of the available fields.

How do I enter a new driver/vehicle?
  1. Select the “Drivers” tab
  2. Select the “ADD DRIVER” button.
  3. Complete the information fields
  4. Select the “SAVE” button
  5. The process is the same for entering Vehicles.

How do I upload a document?
  1. Select the “DOCUMENTS” tab
  2. Select the “ADD DOCUMENT” button
  3. Select the “CHOOSE FILE” button
  4. Complete the information fields
  5. Select the “SAVE” button

Can I import data for multiple drivers/vehicles from a spreadsheet?

Yes, you can! If you have many drivers and vehicles, it may be easier to enter them via a file import. Using this feature, Driver or Vehicle information is entered into a spreadsheet and then all the drivers or vehicles, and associated information, is imported into your profile. This can be a big timesaver, but the information needs to be arranged in a specific way.

If you are interested in using this feature ask your Provider Relations representative for a template.

What does all the different colored text in the DOCUMENTS tab mean?

The text is color-coded to help highlight items that require attention. At the bottom of the tab there is a legend (highlighted below in the green rectangle).

  1. Black text means the document is current
  2. Red text means the document is required but it’s missing.
  3. Orange text means the document is expiring soon.
  4. Black strikethrough text means the document is expired.

How do I report a problem/bug?

Please click here to access the Provider Support Helpdesk where you can log in with your RideCafe credentials to receive assistance.

How do I get help if I need it?

Reach out to your Provider Relations representative, or log into the Provider Support Helpdesk with your RideCafe credentials to submit a support request.