American Logistics and Uber Health Announce Partnership to Drive Transportation Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

Uber’s vast driver-partner network and platform solution built with HIPAA controls, combined with American Logistics’ capability to manage specialized transportation benefits and utilize all modes of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) will help reduce barriers to care

American Logistics Company (ALC) announced a partnership with Uber Health, which is the rideshare company’s first national collaboration with a healthcare transportation management company. The combination of Uber’s vast driver-partner network and American Logistics’ full-service, turnkey transportation solution delivers an unmatched level of access to millions of healthcare plan members. Healthcare plans and organizations can now provide smarter patient pickup and dropoff, scheduling, real-time GPS tracking, and messaging through one unified platform.

Partnering with Uber Health further expands American Logistics’ five-star transportation network of certified transportation providers, which offer the flexibility of transporting individuals requiring ambulatory, wheelchair or gurney services. The demand for curb-to-curb rides has increased, particularly with Medicare Advantage, as more health organizations recognize the benefits of access to additional mobility through rideshare. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Healthy People 2020 initiative identifies barriers to accessing transportation as a social determinant of health impacting vulnerable populations. In many cases, missed appointments can not only result in increased hassle for patients and providers but also lead to poorer health outcomes and increased emergency department (ED) utilization.

“By partnering with a best-in-class broker like American Logistics, we’re looking to deepen how Uber Heath can drive value for healthcare providers, payors and improve health outcomes for millions of patients,” said Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health. “American Logistics’ unique integration with Uber’s world-class API creates a single-platform solution that, coupled with our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, will drive significant value.”

CareMore Health is known as an innovator for delivering customer-centric experiences for its patients and has provided mobility access through American Logistics for over 15 years. “The addition of Uber’s expansive driver-partner network to the American Logistics platform will ensure that our patients continue to have reliable transportation to access the quality care they need,” said Dr. Sachin Jain, President/CEO. “CareMore is aligned with American Logistics innovative approach to designing optimal experiences for those we serve and we look forward to what that brings.”

“Our partnership with Uber Health provides a new opportunity for growth and unparalleled customer service to both our healthcare clients and their members and patients,” said Craig Puckett, CEO of American Logistics. “We look forward to delivering innovative solutions in the transportation landscape alongside Uber Health.”

American Logistics has honed its business and technology integrations with rideshare partners and built solutions for both rider and driver applications that create a more seamless and reliable experience in the healthcare space. Along with their multiple 24/7 operations centers, the API integration between the two organizations allows for ride requests to process without a smartphone, if desired, and can be customized to meet unique specifications. Both companies are committed to work together to continue to identify and bring to market solutions that benefit patients and drive positive health outcomes.


About American Logistics 

American Logistics Company (ALC) is a transportation management and technology company serving the healthcare industry and transit/municipal agencies nationwide. American Logistics leverages its proprietary technology to manage the transportation benefit by validating eligibility, trip type, destination, and by GPS/AVL for live trip tracking while providing analytics and detailed reporting. Headquartered in St. George, Utah, American Logistics has over 20 years of experience in passenger transportation. To learn more about how American Logistics can add or augment transportation for your organization, visit

About Uber Health

Uber Health is a platform solution built with HIPAA controls that allows healthcare providers, payers, non-emergency medical transportation brokers, and others within the continuum of care to centrally schedule, manage, and pay for rides for those they care for at scale. Uber Health helps reduce barriers to care and supports improved health outcomes by delivering more efficient, flexible and transparent mobility solutions. Over 1,000 healthcare organizations like American Logistics, MedStar, and Boston Medical Center trust Uber Health to provide reliable transportation to those who need it most.  For more, visit