DELETE – Healthcare Transportation Services

Providing Healthcare Transportation Services for Qualifying Members to Fulfill Their Transportation Needs 

When it comes to healthcare transportation, there is no better option than American Logistics. Our 5-star transportation network and technology platform are top-notch, and our 24/7 Dispatch and Service Centers guarantee quality, safe, reliable and on-time transportation services, which in turn leads to a reduction in costs for you, a higher satisfaction index for your members, and the ability to mitigate overall Fraud Waste & Abuse.

5-Star Transportation Network

Local community based resources, under one technology umbrella.

Technology Platform

Real-time GPS trip tracking for ultimate accountability.

Reduce Costs

Off-load the time and resource commitments of administrating your current member transportation benefits.

Mitigate Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA)

Passenger-centric dispatch technology was developed with the end-goal of delivering quality, safe, reliable and on-time transportation services.

24/7 Dispatch/Service Centers

Passenger-centric dispatch technology was developed with the end-goal of delivering quality, safe, reliable and on-time transportation services.

Highest Satisfaction Index

American Logistics has fewer complaints than anyone in our industry. Period.


over 2 million rideshare trips dispatched
through American Logistics’ tech platform

No smart phone / app needed

Preferred Transportation Provider Network

American Logistics’ turnkey model offers the flexibility to transport any qualifying member requiring nonemergency medical transportation, whether they require ambulatory, wheelchair, or gurney service. American Logistics accomplishes this by “right sizing the vehicle.” Partnering with certified local for-hire transportation service providers, American Logistics ensures that the appropriate vehicle is available to meet the needs of the organization and its members, whether it is a sedan, wheelchair accessible van, litter van or ambulance.


We are not a traditional broker. The difference is that when incorporating non-dedicated vehicles, we maintain direct relationships with local, for-hire transportation service providers and offer real-time dispatch to meet the immediate needs of your customers.

Member Encounter Analytics

American Logistics can help healthcare agencies better manage and budget their transportation benefit by providing real-time updates on the number of trips provided month-to-date. These reports can be provided on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis depending on the healthcare organizations specific needs. American Logistics can also work with the healthcare agency to determine a schedule of services that meet budgetary requirements and trip quotas, while providing a high-level of customer service.

Member Eligibility Verification

American Logistics’ reservations specialists confirm member eligibility and monitor the number of trips taken by the member to ensure program benefits are not exceeded. With more than 100 agents available at any given time, as well as online reservation capabilities, American Logistics not only improves the quality of service, but also makes it easier for your members to utilize their transportation benefits.

Turnkey Transportation Program

With American Logistics, healthcare organizations can focus on what they do best – providing healthcare services. American Logistics’ Turnkey Transportation Program offers a cost effective solution designed to help you off-load the time and resource commitments of administrating your current member transportation benefits, or add transportation benefits, without incurring additional costs, and in most cases, reducing your existing costs.

The Result: Happier, Healthier Members

When high-quality, reliable transportation is provided by a healthcare organization, the overall cost of healthcare can be reduced because members are able to better access the healthcare services that keep them well, including regular visits to their physician for check-ups, vaccines and other preventive care. It’s a win-win solution for healthcare organizations and their members.

Mitigate Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA)

With 18 years of Medicaid and Medicare enterprise account experience, we know what it takes to mitigate fraud waste and abuse.


  • Eligibility verification
  • Utilization controls / lowest cost applicable mode of transport
  • Trip capitation per unique member population
  • Approved / prohibited address verification processes
  • Real-time GPS trip-tracking and geo-fencing
  • Programmatic pre-pricing of trips to transportation providers
  • American Logistics Dispatch to driver direct trip assignments
  • Real-time analytics algorithm targeting riders, locations and time periods